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PURCHASE - TWC Branded Black Merino T-Shirt (Smitten)

  • $10000

Light weight merino T-shirt great as an all-rounder. A little more durable than 150g weight making it better for hiking with a backpack. Great as a base layer for any pursuit where you are fully exposed to harsh conditions of cold,wind and rain. For bush walking the merino t-shirt is cool in summer and warm in winter and unlike cotton and synthetic fabrics can be worn for many days with out bad odour.

As worn by all the guides at the Tasmanian Walking Company.


Chest Size (cm)

80–85 85–89 89–93 93–100 100–106 106–112 112–118
 Women's 6 8 10 12 14 16


Fabric FAQs

Will the wool itch me?

No - new generation superfine merino is super-soft and luxurious to wear, and shouldn’t itch or scratch.

How do I care for the fabric?

Wool is a hard wearing, natural protein fibre and all of our products are manufactured using machine washable yarns. We do strongly recommend that all our garments are washed on a wool specific program, using a Woolmark approved detergent at a maximum spin speed of 600 rpm.

Remember: Never use biological detergents or stain removers on wool, silk or cashmere fibres because the enzymes contained in these products will literally digest the fabric.

Non biological products which contain bleach will lead to progressive fading and may weaken the fabric, leading to holes in the garment.... scary but true.

Can I wash the garment in the washing machine?

For your convenience all of our knitwear is fully machine washable. So many other makes of knitwear are hand wash only; we hope this makes your life easier! Please however ensure you use an appropriate spin speed and temperature setting. Fast spinning can stretch your jersey and temperatures over 40 degrees can matt and shrink the wool. Wool specific detergents are available at all supermarkets and many sell Wool mark approved own brand products. Do not bleach.

Will it shrink in the wash?

No – our merino wool is a stable product, therefore it should not shrink.

Can I iron it?

Yes you can - using a warm iron is fine, but often creases disappear when drying or fall out with body heat.

Can I put my Smitten in the dryer?

No – definitely not recommended.

How long does it take to dry?

Superfine merino dries very quickly. Once washed gently squeeze and hang out to dry. Can be dry in 30 minutes, great when travelling.

Does it smell?

The beauty of superfine merino is that it breathes exceptionally well, thus minimising odour.



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